Nova Strip Lashes
Nova Strip Lashes
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Nova Strip Lashes

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 - Subtle Color Highlights: Infused with delicate blue and pink fibers, these lashes add a playful yet sophisticated touch of color to your look.

- Elegant Length: Designed to enhance your natural lashes with graceful length, ensuring your eyes stand out beautifully.

- Balanced Volume: Provides a moderate volume that adds fullness without overpowering your natural lashes, perfect for a chic, everyday glam.

- Comfortable Wear: Crafted from lightweight, high-quality materials for all-day comfort and effortless wear.

- Easy Application: The flexible band allows for a precise, secure fit along your lash line, making application quick and easy.

- Versatile Style: Perfect for special occasions, festivals, or any time you want to add a hint of enchantment to your look.

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