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Make Me Stay Lash Bonder

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Super bonder


  • By applying lash bonder directly onto the extensions, you can achieve a quicker hold, while also reducing fumes from the eyelash glue.
  • Our lash bonder for eyelash extensions is safe, gentle, and waterproof, with an oil-resistant formula for a longer-lasting hold. It allows for easy facial cleansing after eyelash extension application and helps them stay in place longer.
  • Our Eyelash Super Bonder is specifically designed for salon or professional use only. It optimizes the retention of eyelash extensions, ensuring that your clients can enjoy their stunning lashes for longer.
  • For external use only. When using, avoid getting the product in your eyes. If irritation occurs, rinse immediately with warm water and discontinue use. If symptoms persist, seek medical attention immediately

super bonder can maximize retention up to 30%

ingredients: ethanol, water, titanate,trimethoxysilane, sodium gluconace 

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