Heart Tweezer
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Heart Tweezer

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Get them individually or get the trio! These three girls are meant to be together! 

-Lash Goals

Used for classic & volume lashes
  • White and silver surgical grade stainless steel
  • easy to pick up pre-made fans or make volume fans
  • light weight: so doesn't cause hand fatigue ,the solution for lash artist whom work long hours.


-Lash Therapy

Volume & individual tweezer
  • easy grip 
  • good Isolation
  • easy to make fans
  • high quality stainless steel 
  • hygienic and infinitely reusable- quality you can trust.

     It has extra room in the “sweet spot” that makes creating a volume fan so much easier! Even better, the precision tip allows the perfect amount of resistance for the perfect set of volume lashes.

    -Lash Language

    volume & individual lash extension tweezer

    45* tweezers is designed with good grip handle, which can ensure easy and comfortable grip with different straight and curved tips, the eyelash tweezers can easily pick up and spread lashes.

    • light and comfortable
    • easy to pick up and make fans


    *for professional use only*

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