Lashes On Lashes


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  • Replacement Eyelids on a Simulated Face - The eyelashes and eyelash practice eyelids are protected well with a simulated face, not easy to fall. The eyelashes are strong and straight, not easy to get messy, perfect for you to practice eyelash grafting.
  • Realistic 3D Design Style - These realistic eyelids with eyelashes are more similar to human eyes, allows you to practice in a more realistic operating environment, ideal for lash beginners.
  • Easy to Practice and Clean - Made of silicone rubber, the eyelids are flexible, soft and smooth like human skin. After application, just use water or makeup remover to remove makeup or stains.
  • Wide range of Applications - Suitable for grafting false eyelashes and eye makeup practice, facial painting, especially for training and teaching. It is also a great gift for your female friends as it’s also pretty as an eye catching piece of object.


  • They are not only replacement eyelids, you can also practice grafting eyelashes or makeup on the simulated face.
  • When a pair of eyelids get dirty, just replace them with another.
  • After application, just use water or remover to clean them.

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